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Inside Design for Care - Creating fabulous corridors

Research shows an important part of the interior design for dementia is ensuring that there is a sufficient and relevant artwork and accessories that will be of interest.

Corridors can easily be neglected when it comes to refurbishments but turning them into interesting areas is relatively easy to achieve, fresh paint, relevant artwork, accessories and even murals can make a huge improvement.

We love creating gently themed corridors and always pay particular attention to the local area for inspiration on themes, keeping it relevant and of interest to the residents using artwork such as maps and photos of local places of interest. This type of artwork is very popular with residents, their families and carers alike as they provide opportunities for reminiscence for everyone. At a recent home opening it was lovely to hear people discussing how interesting and relevant the artwork was to the local area and history, already sparking conversation.

End of corridors areas can also provide a great space for a small seating area and offer a destination with a nice quiet place to sit. They can be transformed to create small themed areas, for example corridors that open onto a garden can be cheered up with artwork of plants, flowers and garden accessories. Theming the corridor leading to it in the same way indicates the garden is near and helps to signpost the resident, particularly helpful when designing for dementia. Other recent themes we have created are an office area with an old type writer desk and chair, a music area complete with Piano, record player and a suitcase of musical memorabilia including LPs, sheet music and concert tickets etc.

Why not chat to your residents about hobbies and themes they may enjoy and involve the activities team and residents in creating these areas, a great activity in itself! If you have an area which you would like to transform and you need a little help and inspiration why not get in touch with us.

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