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At Kelly Wilson Interiors Ltd we offer a consultancy service, working closely with those who live and work in the home to produce a tailored report with creative, practical suggestions specific to the interiors design for your home. 

With over 26 years combined experience working in the care industry we are well placed to offer design advice and solutions to improve the environment in existing care facilities, we are particularly experienced in design for dementia and love coming up with practical suggestions on creating a new dementia friendly environment or improving an existing space.

Our consultancy package includes:

  • Home visit, walking around the whole home with an appropriate member of the care home team to discuss where you would like to make improvements

  • Photographic record of key areas of discussion for use in the report

  • Full and detailed report of all ideas and suggestions discussed during the consultation and ways to implement these

Some examples of areas we often discuss are:

  • Decoration, how to simply improve a room with clever use of colour

  • Improving way finding using ideas such as feature walls, murals, contrast doors

  • Flooring, how to cleverly divide up a space using different, practical and safe flooring 

  • Considering alternate furniture layouts to make most of space

  • Change of use, the opportunity to create new areas from existing spaces

  • Artwork and accessories, discuss how to make the most of your existing artwork by grouping and creating themes where appropriate

  • Corridors, suggesting quick and simple additions to create more interest in corridor 

Should you require any further assistance implementing any of the suggestions in our report we would be very happy to quote for this work and the cost of the consultation would be returned.

We also offer packages of artwork and accessories, which can be used to create quick and easy themed areas and can be added to existing artwork and locally themed as appropriate. 

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